Movable Shelving - EZ-Roller 8 Electric Mobile System

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Movable Shelving

EZ-Roller 8 Electric Mobile System

Movable Shelving

Space Savings with Accessibility

There are a number of factors to contemplate when considering upgrading to an electric mobile system.

The first factor is activity:

It’s no secret that the fastest and most convenient way to file and retrieve records is with a stationary open shelf cabinet system. However, if space constraints won’t allow that, then mobilizing your cabinets is the solution. Unfortunately, by mobilizing, you typically sacrifice accessibility for space. A mechanically operated system is an option for low to moderately active systems.

However, a mechanically operated system does require a certain amount of physical effort which is time consuming. Whereas, if you motorize a system, a simple push of a button quickly and effortlessly opens an aisle anywhere in the system.

Functionality with Ease of Use

moveable shelving

Safe and Reliable

The third factor to contemplate when considering upgrading to an electric mobile system is safety: The system employs a passive safety system. Every time an aisle opens the system becomes activated and prevents the aisle from opening until the lights are cleared. The red LEDs on the Stop Panels are illuminated on both sides of the opened aisle. Simply touch the illuminated Panels on both sides of the currently opened aisle and you are ready to open another aisle.

moveable shelving

The second factor is functionality and ease of use:

Located on the end of each carriage is our easy to understand “Soft Touch” control pad. The control pad is laid out with two oversized “Soft Touch” membranes which open the system. We call it “Soft Touch” because the membrane is activated by the electricity generated by the human body, as opposed to activating the control by some kind of mechanical switch which can wear out over time. A new aisle is created by simply touching either side of the desired new aisle location. The oversized touch areas also allow for “hands-full” operation which reduces access time when you have your hands full of file folders.

moveable shelving

Control the Aisle Width

The aisle distance in a Jeter EZ-Roller 8 is controlled by a sensor located within each carriage. These distance sensors utilize advanced photo optic technology to regulate carriage stopping by allowing each carriage to know where it is in relation to the other carriages in the system. This allows all of the carriages to follow each other in a consistently timed manner, even if the carriage loads vary. The distance sensors also control the soft stop action of the carriage. When the sensor detects that it is within 4” of its preprogrammed destination, it signals the control box to slow the motor down before stopping. This soft stopping greatly reduces the wear and tear on motors and extends the useful life of the system.