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Shelving and Cabinets - Heavy Duty X-Ray Shelving

The high cost of space in today’s healthcare facilities puts a premium on efficient storage; and storing X-ray folders requires shelving that is strong and durable, as well as easily accessible.

Jeter Heavy-Duty X-Ray Shelf Filing Units have been specifically engineered to combine strength and accessibility with compact design, for efficient use of available space.

To hold the weight of X-rays, Jeter uses extra heavy gauge steel in manufacturing the shelves, shelf supports and reinforcements. Open shelf filing allows folders to be clearly visible for quick and easy retrieval.

Units have five tiers of filing for maximum file storage per square foot, while keeping files within easy reach. Heavy-Duty X-Ray Shelving combines the strength and efficiency needed to meet the special filing requirements of X-ray medical records.

  Heavy-Duty X-Ray Shelving is designed expressly for the special filing requirements and unique demands of medical professionals.  
  Full-Height Divider
X-rays are heavy. Four point divider attachment accommodates the extra weight of X-ray folders.
  Full-Width Shelf Support
Heavy-duty 18 gauge steel shelf, with 11 gauge, full width 1-1/4” thick supports, provides greater strength for X-ray storage requirements.
5-tier: 83-3/4”

36”, 42” & 48”

Single Face: 18”
Double Face: 36”





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